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This page tries to cover all the common questions you might have about the MPIO Project. If not you might want to contact us and complain. :-)

Compiling the sources

1. Where can I get the source again?

Please go to our download section.

2. How do I compile the source again?

Check out our Installation section.

3. configure complains about some readline stuff. Huh?

Please install the "readline" and "readline-devel" RPMs/packages from your distro. Any 4.x version should be fine.

4. The compile dies in the kernel directory, something about "kernel-headers system headers". What's the prob?

You need to have installed the source of your currently running kernel. On most distros you simply have to install the "kernel-source" RPM/package.

Running the software

1. mpiosh complains: "could not find MPIO player". What's wrong ?

Please check a few things. Is the the kernel module loaded?

# modprobe mpio
# lsmod | grep ^mpio
mpio                    3960   0  (unused)

2. Yep is there. What else?

Is the device file there?

# ls -la /dev/usb/mpio 
crw-rw-rw-    1 root     root     180,  70 Mar 15 19:51 /dev/usb/mpio

3a. No, this one is missing. What can I do?

You probably used the .tar.gz release. Please run the "mkmpiodev" script.

3b. Check! device file is ready. Are you kidding me?

No we're not! Please check if your player is recognized by the kernel driver?

# grep -i mpio /var/log/messages
Apr  6 13:03:21 computer kernel: usb.c: registered new driver mpio
Apr  6 13:03:21 computer kernel: mpio.c: USB MPIO support registered.
Apr  6 13:03:21 computer kernel: mpio.c: 0.0.2:USB MPIO driver
Apr  6 13:11:43 computer kernel: mpio.c: USB MPIO found at address 7
Apr  6 13:11:46 computer /etc/hotplug/usb.agent: Setup mpio for USB product 2735/1/100
If not, please check out what is logged to /var/log/messages when you connect your player.

4. Check: player is found. You ARE kidding me?

Still: no!

OK, if everything fails please send a report to mpio-devel with a log of all the steps you made and the output of your operations. Please also add the output of this command:

# echo quit | strace mpiosh 2>&1 | grep usb

Helping to debug

1. I want to live on the bleeding edge and use the CVS tree. What do I have to do?

Please read the section "Anonymous CVS Access" of the projects CVS page.

2. OK, got it. But there is no configure script. Huh?

You need to install the tools "autoconf" and "automake". Then run the script "". After that all necessary files should automagically be created and you can proceed as usual.

3. Hmm, I think I ran into a problem. What can I do?

Please check out the Mailinglist archives if your probles has been already discussed there.

4. No, don't find it there. There is a problem during mpiosh startup/I can't seem to access the player at all... so?

OK, we need an initial debug log of our software. Please do the following:

[disconnect the player]
# mpiosh
mpio <i> debug level 5
mpio <i> debug file /tmp/PLAYERNAME-init-5.debug
[connect the player and turn it on]
mpio <i> open
mpio <i> close
... and then send us the output file. (Please compress it with bzip2 before sending it!!!)

5. The software mostly seems to work, but one function seems to be broken. What shall I do?

A log of the "broken" function would be nice. Please do this:

# mpiosh
mpio <i> open
mpio <i> do_the_stuff_you_need_to_before
mpio <i> debug level 5
mpio <i> debug file /tmp/PLAYERNAME-FUNCTION_X-5.debug
mpio <i> dump_memory
mpio <i> FUNCTION_X
mpio <i> close
... and then send us the output file. (Please compress it with bzip2 before sending it!!!)


1. Your software is very cool. Thanks!

This is not a question ... but thanks anyway! :-)

2. Who are you guys?

We are are group of people from three different countries who like the MPIO players and wanted to use them with linux.

3. Anything I can do for you?

Helping us make the software better is always very appreciated. Test the code. Write bug reports. Request features. Write and submit code. ..

4. Anything else?

Providing us with the newest players is surely a noble and expensive gesture. :-)

... and then you can always send Pizza. :-)

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