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This is a project for using Digitalway/Adtec digital audio player MPIO (DMG, DMK, DME, ...) under Linux. It provides Linux kernel module driver, and a userspace library. Currently there are two user interfaces available to access files on the MPIO player: a command line tool (mpiosh) and a Qt based graphical user interface (kMPIO). Additionally a block device driver for accessing MPIO players as regular file systems under Linux is under development.

Right now the project is under heavy development and is making rapid progress. Please give us any support that you can: test the code, give feedback and bug reports.

Current Status (04-Aug-2003)

Most MPIO models should be supported without or with little change to the source code. Reading and writing to the internal and external memory works. Directory support is available since release 0.7.0. Unsupported are still: very new models of FL100 (this is being worked on and should be supported soon) and rare models with 3 internal chips (this needs some large code remodelling).

Please report bugs to the developers's mailing list!

Planned features

This is what we're currently working on, or are planning to implement shortly. Ideas for new features are appreciated!
  • split mpio in several packages, that can be released on their own.
  • support more (all?!) models. please report back and help us with this
  • write config files (need feedback for this one!!)
  • modify values in config files (need feedback for this one!!)
  • ...

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