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30-May-2004: MPIO 0.7.1-pre2 is out
Hi there,

the new pre fixes the missing ".so" oddities and some open/close related bugs. Please give it a try.

The next steps are to include Roberts MMC code (which is experimental, but should not break the SmartMedia stuff) und nail down the USB timeouts some users are reporting.

19-Apr-2004: MPIO 0.7.1-pre1 is out
Long time no release. :-( But here it is: The brand-and-nagel-new 0.7.1-pre1 is out. This is the one most of you guys and gals out there want to use.

  • Support all models (e.g. FY200) and chips (e.g. the new 128MB/256MB) reported to us.
  • (still no sd/mmc but this is beeing worked on).
  • libusb is now mandatory.
  • on 2.2.x and 2.4.x kernels the kernel module is still available (--with-kernel-module) but don't come crying if it does not work!
  • Uses hotplug infrastructure to set user/permissions on the device file.
  • This defaults to root:root 0666
  • You can change it with --with-{user,group,perm}={$USER,$GROUP,0600}
Don't wait, get it NOW.

26-Mar-2004: Still alive
Hi folks,

if you were wondering: The MPIO project is still alive but our actual time is rather limited. :-(

Latest updates to the CVS tree: new models support 512MB versions (e.g. FL100) and the FY200. The kernel module is now obsolete. We use libusb and this means the 2.6.x kernels are now supported too.

22-Sep-2003: VirginPulse player support and tester needed
Hi folks,

today John reported that the VirginPulse VP-01 player is a clone of the MPIO FY100 model. He also provided a patch which adds support for the model. Big thanks to John for his good work!

I checked the VirginPulse website and the upcoming VP-02 looks supiciously like an MPIO FL100, so I added some code with this assumption. If anyone in the future own such a player, please report back to us.

On another note: The support for the new internal memory should be complete. One user reported that his 512MB player (2x 256MB) is supported with the latest snapshot.

If you own such a new model please test our latest code and report back to the mpio-devel mailinglist. Thanks!

14-Sep-2003: Updates: DMK and the new Samsung chips supported
Hello folks,

today Sébastien reported what we expected all the way: that the DMK models work fine with our software. Thanks Sébastien.

Another very good news: Today I finished coding the support for the new Samsung chip. This needs some serious testing, but there is a good chance that we will be able to release a 0.7.1 very soon (hopefully by the end of the month!).

04-Aug-2003: kMPIO 0.7.0 released
The MPIO project is proud to announce the initial release of kMPIO. kMPIO provides a GUI interface to access MPIO players under Linux. You can get it here.

kMPIO 0.7.0 requires the package mpio-0.7.0 to be installed, since the mpio library handles the hardware access, which kMPIO provides a convenient user interface.

Try it out and report back to us.

02-Aug-2003: 0.7.0 released
The MPIO project is proud to announce the release 0.7.0 of our software. You can get it here.

This release is a major step forward: support more models, support directories, support for ID3 tag rewriting and a lot of small bits and pieces.

Unsupported are still: very new models of FL100 (this is being worked on and should be supported soon) and rare models with 3 internal chips (this needs some large code remodelling).

Have fun!

24-Jun-2003: 0.7.0RC2 - please test - release date for 0.7.0 is 01-Aug-2003
The currrent CVS tree has now the version 0.7.0RC2 this means code, features and everything else freezes. Please test this one!

If nothing really bad happens, release date is 01-Aug-2003

24-Jun-2003: FL100 with new SmartMedia chips reported
Hi folks, we have reports of a new SmartMedia chip which is built into current versions of the FL100 player (128+256MB version). These chips are not supported ATM, but we are working on it. Stay tuned.

20-Apr-2003: CVS: Feature update
OK, some new features made it into the CVS repository: you can now check the "health" of the selected memory card and "rename" files on the player.

... and a biggie. We now support ID3 tag rewriting like the windows software does, so that you can now display nifty ID3 tags on your player. Enable this with "id3 on" in the mpiosh. You can set a new format string with "id3_format".

We support a subset of the xmms identifiers, these are:
       %p      performer/artist
%t track name/title
%a album
%g genre
%c comment
%y year
%n track number
We use the mplib, so a big thanks goes out to the author Stefan Podkowinski! Thanks Stefan!

13-Apr-2003: Directory support is ready
Hello there, the current CVS tree now provides support for directory operations. The first users reported back that it works for them, so it should be in a more or less usable state.

Please check it out and report back to us!

06-Apr-2003: Website update: FAQ added
Hey folks, I just added a new page. Check out the FAQ!

05-Apr-2003: New players supported with current CVS tree
Great news: Two of the three new players (FD100 and FL100) are reported to work after minor changes to the code. Even players with 256MB internal memory are now supported! The external memory of the FL100 will not be supported in the near future as it does not use SmartMedia cards. Thanks to Michael and Thomas who sent bug reports and tested our code with the new players.

If you have a FY100: Please try the current CVS snapshot and report back to us. Thanks!

On another note: We started coding support for directories. Hopefully this will come to a usefull state in the next weeks. Stay tuned!

14-Mar-2003: Fpio for Linux has been annouced!
Today Frasse has annouced a Linux version of his well known Fpio. You can download Fpio from his homepage. Here is his original annoucement from the MPIO-Users mailing-list:

The Linux version of the most spread freeware tool for Mpio players called Fpio has just been released. Using Fpio you can do all your file actions: Downloads, Uploads, Deletes, Formats and so on in a graphical environment.

Fpio handles drag 'n drop of files and communicates with Xmms to make things as easy as possible for you.

You can also update intro animations for your player, edit radio stations, handle the internal memo pad and much more.

Go to if you are interested.

The Linux version of Fpio uses the mpio library for Linux as back-end. All credits goes to the team behind that project. They are the ones who's done all the hard work.

Cheers, Frasse

14-Mar-2003: kMPIO Screenshots added
Some screenshots of kMPIO, a graphical user interface, which provides a simple interface to up- and download files to a connected MPIO player, have been added to the screenshots page.

kMPIO is currently only available from the MPIO-project CVS repository. Please feel free to test the code and send patches to improve it.

10-Mar-2003: Version 0.6.0 is released!
Finally, our latest and greatest release is out. You can get it here: Version 0.6.0

The major updates are:
  • Complete support for external memory
  • Encoding of filenames is now configurable (Local encoding defaults to ISO-8859-15)
  • Config file support for mpiosh
  • History support for mpiosh
plus a lot of small changes and updates. Please check it out!

13-Oct-2002: External memory support ready.
I just finished the external memory support. All operations on the external mem should now work! Formatting an external memory is complete: important sectors like CIS, MBR, PBR are created from scratch and written to the card!

Please spread the word and test the code.

7-Oct-2002: Config.dat page is added.
Do you know the system file called Config.dat stored in MPIO?
There are lots of parameters to be saved in this file. You can see it from here.
This information is based on N.IKENO's web page. Thank you, N.IKENO!

22-Sep-2002: Version 0.5.0 is released!
Great news. Our first "usefull" ;-) release is out. You can get it here: Version 0.5.0

From the release notes:
Most MPIO models should be supported without or with little change to the source code. Reading and writing to the internal memory works. Access to the external memory for the supported players should be possible, but reading and writing is not safe due to an incomplete logical block <-> physical block mapping. SmartMedia cards without any defective blocks could work (and do for me).

22-Sep-2002: Homepage goes online
Hello everybody, you can actually now read these pages! ;-) Have fun and contribute to the project!

20-Sep-2002: CVS repository for website activated
Put the web pages under CVS control

16-Sep-2002: initial web page setup
Our first release is imminent. So it's time to setup these pages.

Thanks to Krister Lagerström (from the Freevo project) and Gerd Knorr (from )who allowed us to copy their HTML layout.

07-July-2002: test tool
Salmoon released the first software test tool.

31-Jan-2002: project start
The journey started ...

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